The best resources for downloading mobile games and applications

Internet services from Google Corporation are a part of any operating system on Android basis, including many years ago. Moreover, they’ve become so classic that many users don’t even know that they can look for tablet and smartphone applications on other resources. At the same time, Play Market is at the top of the list. Because of this, many users don’t even know that there are author platforms with a range of applications that are many times larger than the one that Google Store offers.

A major change occurred in 2019, when a trade war between China and the United States resulted in a decree stating that Chinese mobile device manufacturers were prohibited from using Google Mobile Services. It was in that year that many users realized that special web platforms existed on which they could:

The last factor is there are because of Google, very strict rules and regulations apply.

Google’s operating rules

Successful corporations like Google are under the supervision of a variety of controlling bodies at all times. Therefore, they cannot do anything that would allow users to suspect them of a negative influence on public opinion. That’s why they scrutinize every app so it doesn’t contain even a hint of discrimination, adult content, or copyright infringement. As a result of this policy, many high-end and useful applications simply cannot penetrate Google’s virtual application store.

Special platforms had been created to remedy a situation that had already reached a dangerous state. You can free download apk files from various interesting programs to install them on your mobile device without any limitations. Compared to installing applications in Google Play you should only do one more action, namely open the downloaded file by your own efforts in process working with these independent sites. However, it’s such a simple process that it can never be considered a disadvantage.

apps for android free downloads
Apps for android free downloads

If you agree voluntarily to make Android apk downloads from independent sites, the user gets a number of advantages:

  • possibility to find really interesting programs;
  • comfortable management system;
  • detailed description of features of individual applications.

Reliability of independent online directories

Because all apk files can pose a threat, many users wonder if it is safe to install them on a smartphone. The security issue is indeed very important. However, for these applications, the situation is the same as for normal software per computer. Users download and install .exe files because they have no other way out. The main rule is to download programs from reliable sources.

As far as apk-file sites are concerned, they have a good security system that checks every added application for vulnerability and viruses even better than Play Market does it.