The best games for the PS3

Play Station 3 is a seventh-generation game console that was released in 2006. It helps to not only play games, but also to watch movies, listen to music and use e-mail and the Internet. Play Station 3 developers and producers have sold about one million consoles, and have successfully created almost four thousands games of various styles.

The best games for the PS3 are a worthy part of the Gold Fund games of all ages because they have not lost their uniqueness even in all these long years.

A large amount of user and expert information for research exists that helps us create a reliable and detailed list of games for the PS3 based on any of the relevant factors. Such factors may include:

  • Best Sellers (maximum sales).
  • User reviews.
  • Critical reviews.
  • The game involves technical such parameters as video graphics, story realism and uniqueness, the artistic value of characters and stories, the innovation and amount of console resources.

Any gamer can simply read the list of games for the PS3 to select the best and appropriate project.

The best games for the PS3 in history

It is often the case that the initial stage of the console’s popularization is more successful than in recent years. It is at this time that game fans evaluate the new console, and writers, designers, animators and programmers feel the urgency of creating new unique games.

Red Dead Redemption

That’s why we should create a detailed list of custom favorites for the entire time of PS3.

  • Red Dead Redemption. This game was released in 2010. Rockstar Games are the developers of this third-person shooter game. The developers successfully implemented the cooperative online mode. «First Blood» film is similar to this game by its plot; however, the action of the project takes place in another era. The character became outlawed and was hunted and attacked by both the authorities and ordinary people. Bandits, sheriffs, predatory beasts, hunger and cold threaten the protagonist. The action takes place in the Wild West and Western style. The great nature sets of the Western United States are present in this game and amaze the players with their beauty. The original music part of the game creates a unique atmosphere.
  • Batman: Arkham Asylum. This game was released in 2009. Rocksteady Studios are the developers of this action game. It’s a project in the Batman Adventure Series that tries to achieve good things and actions. In the story, there is a such criminal as Joker, whom Batman must bring to a psychiatric hospital for treatment. Based on the story there is a unique script that received the Emmy Award. This project was executed in comic book format and will please fans of this style. The main intrigue of the story begins in the dark halls and offices of a mental institution for the most desperate criminals. The atmosphere of fear and eternal danger that lurks outside this institution are those factors in this game that are so intriguing to gamers. Batman’s mission is to resist the Joker and his evil plans.
  • LittleBigPlanet. This game was released in 2008. Media Molecule is the developer of this platform game. There is a local and online cooperative mode. A unique feature of this project is the ability to form user levels and share them with other users. Critics named this project a good game because of its detailed world and, accordingly, unique variants of levels. The feature of the game is that the gamer can continue to hone his skills in thousands of user universes after the main story has passed.

The best games for the PS3 are what the ratings of these projects always differ because the personal preferences of each gamer are different.

However, any list of the best PS3 games is a fitting addition to your project collection.