Splinterlands – almost like HeathStone, but with NFT

Splinterlands is a collectible card game where you must assemble units to fight other players. It was based on the Hive blockchain. It was originally called Steem Monsters but was later renamed Splinterlands. Perhaps one of the most distinctive features of Splinterlands is that you cannot even play it yourself but let artificial intelligence do it for you.

It is a rather interesting solution, which is present only in a few games. At the time of writing (2023), Splinterlands is at the peak of popularity and has more than 100 thousand players online every day. The developers have big plans for further expansion of the game. For example, in their personal blog, they said that they want to start developing content aimed at bringing players together.

Splinterlands already has guilds and bosses as intended, but now the developers want to add more playable locations that players can own. But before we go any further, we’d like to recommend you such a cool thing as a Bitcoin mixer. Its essence is to mix one user’s cryptocurrency with another user’s cryptocurrency, thus completely anonymizing their wallet.

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What are the features of Splinterlands?

Here are the main features of Splinterlands that we would like to highlight:

    1. The ability to sell cards for cryptocurrency on the in-game market or third-party exchanges.
    2. The ability to rent cards to other players.
    3. Ability to increase the level of cards by merging.
    4. Ability to participate in tournaments with serious cash prizes.
    5. The ability to complete daily quests with great rewards.

Useful tips

Our team really liked Splinterlands, so we decided to play it. It is a really good game, but it can be tricky for newbies, so we prepared some useful tips for you. If you follow them, you will definitely succeed. For newbies, the mechanism of the game may seem confusing. Here are a few recommendations to help you quickly figure it out and succeed.

Think through the game plan

In Splinterlands, you can pursue different goals: earn money, get into a league, accumulate resources, or just play for fun. It’s worth determining in advance what you want to achieve and how much money you’re willing to spend.

Explore all the ways to buy cards

New cards can be purchased in several ways. The easiest is to use the in-game store on the game’s official website. To purchase, you’ll need to pay with Credits or with Dark Energy Crystals.

Don’t be afraid to take part in tournaments

Tournaments are another great way to improve your Splinterlands skills as well as earn DEC tokens. They are held all the time in all the leagues, and everyone can choose the level that suits them. Don’t be afraid of losing. If you can’t defeat your opponents, you won’t lose anything.

Follow the updates

Splinterlands is constantly evolving, and information about it appears almost weekly. Follow the official pages of the game on social networks and special sources to be constantly aware of what is happening. Knowing what’s new will allow you to strategize faster and more accurately and always be on top of the game.

Analyze other players’ decks

On the game’s leaderboard page, you can view the rankings of the participants by filtering the results by the league. Studying other players’ cards and battles helps you build your own deck to achieve better results.

Splinterlands is a really cool game that is worth your attention. With it, you can both just have fun and make money. If you want us to write about any other game, just contact us.