Best football games for PC and consoles

Today, fans of virtual football battles have no problem with the choice of games. However, not all have enough value to get gamers to pay attention to them. That is why, among the many projects, we would like to describe some of the most reliable.

FIFA Online 4

This game was created specifically for online mode, so it will help you play football on the Internet with other fans of this sport around the world. FIFA Online 4 is another evolution of the series of sports simulators that the famous Electronic Arts develops and releases.

This game will impress you with its variety and abundance of content and will delight you with a detailed network component and professional voice-overs from famous sports commentators. The project is distributed free of charge, which is why users can get a lot of fun experiences without spending money. This applies to those users who crave maximum immersion in the world of cyber football.

FIFA series

Today, it is the most popular football simulator, which overtook all competitors. Every year, new games are released, and the number of FIFA fans increases rapidly. This is not surprising because here, gamers get to plunge as much as possible into the beautiful world of football.

So, they can participate in heated confrontations, try to run a club, build a career as a professional footballer or do something interesting in the sports world. The technical component of FIFA is just excellent, and it is the standard of quality.

The graphics, the animations, and the various visual effects look amazing. An outsider might think they are watching the match on tape, not a computer game.


Pro Evolution Soccer

PES is a beautiful game that is a direct rival of FIFA. These projects are very similar in vibe and mechanics, so gamers want to choose something there. As a rule, they choose FIFA because Electronic Arts marketers work better than other studios. This is the reason why they have large budgets for advertising campaigns.

So, PES should be more noticed by a wide range of gamers. But those who still decide to try this football simulator are usually delighted. The only drawback of PES compared to the competitor is the need for licenses to use the names of football clubs and stadiums. Otherwise, this game from Konami is even better than FIFA, which is less hardcore.

Football Manager series

If the previous series were more of a simulation of a football coach, then this makes of a gamer manager, and you can understand this from its name. Such a user needs to take control of a liked football club to lead him to victory. Football Manager is a very addictive but not athletic and tactical game, which has become an enduring classic.

In this game, you will be running an unknown provincial football club, after which you will have to bring it to the top of the football world and win the Cup of Champions. This game is highly adaptive and will give each gamer a unique experience. We encourage all football fans to try their hand at virtual sports that bring joy and in betting soccer, which will help you successfully transform your knowledge into money.

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