Dirge is a PC game by NonNobis Games in the horror genre. The Coop and PvP modes are available for gamers.

Players will be able to take on the role of paranormal investigator in the post-war era, trying to discover and destroy dark entities living in various cursed places around the world.

At the beginning of the twentieth century, the chaos and destruction of the Great War were quickly replaced by a deep depression, which was later superseded by the horrors of the Second World War. In turn, darkness on a much smaller scale acts in the form of abuse and murder. By itself, it can lead to the proliferation of dark entities and tortured spirits. The horrors of the turn of the century thus immersed the recovering world into a black shadow.

Organizations, avengers, and the government that are aware of the battle against the dark entities hide the truth from ordinary people. As a result, believers, free-will hunters, investigators, and government agents join forces to confront the most dangerous dark entities in suspect places around the world. In Dirge, the players find themselves in the post-war era and explore a ghost-haunted mansion in Hillview. The main in-game goal is to discover the entity hiding there, find its weaknesses and overcome it.

When playing as an investigator, the player explores the mansion and participates in a deadly treasure hunt. The investigators enter the Hillview estate with the minimum of inventory items: a revolver and a light source. The main goal is to find other weapons and equipment to succeed. The mansion’s entities sometimes know what investigators are looking for by seeing objects highlighted in the environment and thus can plan their ambushes. More powerful spirits do not need even to know what humans are doing in their kingdom and can simply overpower them thanks to their strength.

Monster players move in the same way as investigators but almost all of them have the ability to quickly move around the map. Some come out of their physical shape to pass through doors and soar at higher speeds; others penetrate mirrors, using them as portals to another world, while still others simply teleport. The question is, who will be the first to succeed. Will the investigators complete their treasure hunt by getting enough equipment to exorcise or destroy the monster?

The game’s features:

  • A multiplayer survival horror.
  • A cooperative for five players.
  • Three unique monsters.
  • Ten unique weapon types to fight the mansion’s inhabitants.
  • The possibility of collecting hints, items, and equipment to destroy the entities.

Dirge is a game that will not leave anyone indifferent. It is a great way to have a good time with friends. Its visual component is especially impressive. The developers have paid special attention to it and have been able to offer a very realistic picture.