The best games for the PSP

Experts believe that the best games for the PSP are what make the game more valuable than it is in today’s world. Despite the portability of this device, games on this platform may be part of the list of best games of all time.

Initially, the developers planned to make this console similar to PS2 that would help gamers spend their free time when they did not have access to the big screen.

However, these plans were never implemented. Nevertheless, this is not a tragic event because what developers have achieved without this goal is also a successful and interesting project as a result.

This does not prevent critics from considering some PSP games to be the best ones, and there are more than two dozen such projects.

The best games for the PSP are something like an intermediate stage for children and adults on simple consoles and the PS2.

Best PSP games of all ages list

God of War: Ghost of Sparta

The list of best games for the PSP is what we have compiled because of the opinions of users and critics. These factors allow these projects to maximize the quality of the equipment and the emotional response to the story and story of these games.

  • Lumines. The game is classic in this style and combines psychedelic fantasy with logical puzzles. Colour and sound combine at the optimal level. This project takes as much as possible from the concept of video games and allows gamers to fully understand the gameplay. Lumines is one of the first designs for mobile consoles, and it allows us to talk about the combination of creative ideas and the popularity of perception from gamers in a fundamental way. The developers tried to create additions and follow-up to this project, but it was the original game that remained the best masterpiece of this studio.
  • Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker. A game has the term homemade terrorist weapon and the name of the storyline character in its name at the same time. This project allows us to be surprised that the mobile version of the console offers gamers literally a full-scale game. The plot is very rich and unique, and it allows gamers to expand their army, as well as receive bonuses and gifts. You will take at least 30 hours to complete this game. Critics unanimously state that it is the best project by a developer named Hideo Kojima. The project combines a cooperative and competitive regime. Experts are confident that Peace Walker is the best mobile console game in history.
  • God of War: Ghost of Sparta. It is only a mobile version of the popular game God of War, but the developers were able to give gamers a wide and global gameplay. Many experts believe this version of the game is better than the original. The plot of the game will tell you about the adventures of the legendary heroes of Sparta. Kratos sets off on a dangerous quest to find his brother Deimos. The characters will travel through the legendary Atlantis, the Kingdom of the Dead, and even cross the River of Wailing. The plot of the game is full of ancient Greek myths and admires fans of ancient history.

The best games for the PSP are the ones that suddenly turned out to be successful projects and they got a lot of popularity from users.

The list of games for the PSP is sometimes clumsy, but they allow gamers to have fun and not regret it.