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Horror-style video games are popular among modern gamers. They bring players into a fantastic reality, give them an opportunity to get away from their problems and experience emotional excitement. These games can be an optimal option for people who want to test their psyche and experience incredible emotions. Among the wide variety of projects presented, each gamer will be able to choose an option that fits all his or her preferences.

The best horror games

  1. The list of best Horror games is what we have compiled on the basis of feedback from experienced gamers. It opens up a list of spooky entertainment and it’s a series of classic horror horrors called Silent Hill. The developers of this project were inspired by books and films created in the genre of «horror films». They plunged players into the deepest of the world of nightmares that appear in the subconscious of heroes. The game takes place in Silent Hill, which is considered the embodiment of people’s hidden fears.
  2. Evil Within continues the list of the scariest games. The main character of this story falls into the creepy world of zombies and ghosts. Gamers will face fascinating and exciting story stories in which they have to solve problems on their own. It’ll give them unexpected emotions.
  3. Limbo/Inside are double project that represent the latest development of the game industry. They are filled with riddles and puzzles, surrounded by an atmosphere of gloom and despair. The protagonist of these games must go through many places. In addition, the character will solve the problems and riddles that he will encounter on his way.
  4. The cult Dead Space series invites players to fight the creepy creatures that emerge from an artefact that humans have brought from another planet. The main character of the series actively fights monsters and comes up with various options to destroy monsters.
  5. Alien: Isolation is a game that all gamers in the world call one of the best horrors. The game will allow you to be on a space station where the main character searches for information about her missing mother. At any stage of the game, a character named Alien can appear, and he is a completely unpredictable opponent.
  6. Outlast is a series of games that has gained popularity among a large number of gamers. It has a structure that is replete with the atmosphere of madness and fear, as the action of the game takes place in a psychiatric hospital and in a religious community. The protagonist has to hide from the madmen and find his way to the light in the dark.
  7. Soma is a game that allows gamers to solve complex and even philosophical problems. Players become frightened not by the sight of monsters, but by the thoughts that come into their minds during trials. The game is characterized by a slow pace and rather gloomy locations.
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Download free Android app

You can experience a thrill not only from horror-style videogames but also from reading books. For those who love scary stories, the developers created an eBoox app. The users of this project will be able to use a huge variety of literature written in many different genres. The application is suitable for installing on computers and tablets, as well as other devices running on the Android operating system.