Popular cricket bets explained for gambling beginners

It’s important to understand the available markets and learn about the reliable platforms and applications on dedicated websites like appbetting.in to succeed at betting on cricket matches. It will help you in making informed decisions. Here are some details about the most typically used cricket bets.

Outright (winner) bets

Outright Winner bets mean you choose who will win a match, tournament, or series. This type of betting is often called “match betting.” Outright winner bets are one of the simpler cricket betting options, but you should still research each team to make an informed prediction.

Over/Under Markets

If you’re betting on a sports event like the Cricket World Cup, consider the Over/Under market. This involves predicting the total number of runs or wickets in a match and deciding if it will be over or under a specific number.

If you’re betting on a match, the operator might list 295.5 as the predicted total number of runs for the event. To gamble on the outcome, you can bet “under” if you don’t think both teams will make that many runs. You win if the teams score a combined total of 240 runs or less during the match. But, if the total runs exceed 295.5, like if it reaches 300, you lose the bet.


Handicaps are a popular betting option in cricket, with more bettors choosing this market. This option allows the operator to level the outcome by giving an advantage to the underdog, resulting in higher odds. For example, if Scotland played Oman in a Day International match and Scotland scored 400, handicaps could make the odds more competitive.

If you choose Scotland as your team, the odds are lower, and you’ll receive a smaller payout. To increase the odds, you can apply a -30.5 runs handicap. This allows you to bet on your preferred side while still getting good odds, but Scotland will need to overcome the handicap for you to win.


Innings Run

To bet on Innings, you don’t have to guess the exact runs a team will score. Instead, you must predict whether the runs will exceed or exceed a specific number. For instance, if you predict that the innings run rate for the team will be over 4.5 in a match, and the team scores five runs, you win the bet. Keep in mind that this is a popular market in cricket betting sites.

First Ball/First Over Cricket Betting

The First Ball/First Over is a betting market that predicts the outcome of the first ball in a cricket match. You can bet whether the first ball will result in a wicket or a four. For instance, if you bet on a six being hit for the first ball, you win if that happens. Some bookies may also offer the option to bet on the First Over or Under. This betting market is a good choice if you want to bet on a quick outcome.

Player Bets

Player bets are a market where you can place a wager on a specific player. To make accurate predictions, you’ll need to do thorough research, though the advantage is that your focus can be solely on one player rather than the whole team. The available player betting markets include the following options:

  1. Top bowler.
  2. Man of the match.
  3. Bowler bet – most wickets.
  4. Batsman bet – most runs.

Team Bets

Team bets are different from player bets because they focus on the overall performance of the team rather than a specific player. For instance, if you place an Outright Winner bet on an England vs. South Africa One Day International fixture and choose South Africa, you win if they score more runs than England in the match.

Other team bets include the series score, the team of a top batsman, the series winner, and the winning toss.