Will the death penalty become obsolete?

The Death Penalty Information Center’s (DPIC) year-end report provided hard data that pointed to a conclusion that many of us already suspected – that capital punishment is being used with much less frequency. DPIC found that executions are at a 20-year low and death sentences are at a 40-year low. This comes at a time when Gallup found that support for capital punishment is near a 40-year low and Republican support for the death penalty dropped by 5 points in a single year. It’s no wonder that capital punishment is becoming obsolete. Just last month, George Stinney, the youngest person to ever be executed in the United States, had his murder conviction vacated. He was executed at the age of 14 in 1944 by the electric chair, and his conviction was overturned 70 years later. He had inadequate counsel, and there was no real evidence linking him to the crime other than what was ruled to be a coerced confession by a circuit court judge. Following the news of Stinney’s vacated conviction, Washington State joined the myriad of other states with studies concluding that the death penalty is vastly more costly than life-without-parole. The study found that death cases cost at least $1 million more than similar non-capital cases. Conservatives Concerned in the media Again, numerous media outlets covered CCATDP’s work as we continue to shatter the myth that all conservatives support the death penalty. We were highlighted in Time, United Liberty, MSNBC, and even Al-Jazeera America. CCATDP’s Heather Beaudoin was a guest on the Crossroad Bible Institute’s video broadcast and the Joe Convert Radio Show with Sean Herriott. I was a guest on the Lip TV’s Media Mayhem with Allison Hope Weiner, and I returned as a guest to StandUp! With Pete Dominick on Sirius XM Radio. The Watchdog also published an op-ed penned by conservative Nebraska State Senator Colby Coash this month. He explained why the death penalty is a failed policy. Upcoming Ben Jones of CCATDP will be headed to Upper Marlboro, Maryland to exhibit at the Students for Life East Coast National Conference on January 23. Following the Students for Life conference, we will return to where it all started a few years ago – CPAC. Once again, we will be exhibiting at the largest gathering of conservatives in the United States from February 26-28. If you are in town, we hope you drop by and say hello at CPAC and/or the Students for Life conference. We’d love to see you there!

Source:: Conservatives Concerned About the Death Penalty