Will Missouri execute a man missing part of his brain?

Cecil Clayton's brain scan, showing a large piece of his frontal lobe missing

Cecil Clayton is scheduled to be executed tonight in Missouri. He has an IQ of 71, suffers from dementia, and had 1/5th of his frontal lobe removed more than 40 years ago after a sawmill accident.

As the result of his brain injury, Clayton suffered from violent impulses, schizophrenia, and paranoia. It got so bad that he checked himself into a mental hospital, where he stayed for more than a year.

After attempting to go back to work, one of Clayton’s doctors concluded: “There is presently no way that this man could be expected to function in the world of work. Were he pushed to do so he would become a danger both to himself and to others. He has had both suicidal and homicidal impulses, so far controlled, though under pressure they would be expected to exacerbate.”

According to his defense, those conditions led to the 1996 shooting death of Barry County deputy Christopher Castetter.

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Source:: Equal Justice USA