Why conservatives are abandoning the death penalty

WebEarlier this week, an article that I wrote was published in the ultra conservative Washington Examiner. In the piece, I expanded on the conservative case against the death penalty. I wrote, Regardless of whether one supports the death penalty in theory, in practice capital punishment has a long documented history of failing to live up to conservative principles. We conservatives pride ourselves on abiding by our foundational tenets, including promoting pro-life policies, fiscal responsibility and limited government, but the death penalty violates each of these core values. But the government’s track record suggests that perhaps it is unwise to entrust it with the authority to execute its citizens. I closed by stating, Until the government can prove its infallibility and its capacity to fairly, efficiently, and properly administer its programs, it is only prudent to support repealing the death penalty, and therein lies the simple reason why conservatives are increasingly opposing capital punishment.

Source:: Conservatives Concerned About the Death Penalty