US Uses Untested, Painful Drugs, Gas to Execute Prisoners

The Oklahoma legislature passed a bill to introduce a new method of execution – nitrogen gas, and I was recently interviewed by Sputnik News on this topic. The author, Thomas Zimmer wrote, Oklahoma and other US states are using untested drug cocktails to execute prisoners, including nitrogen gas, even though they do not yet know the actual effects on the prisoners and whether the method is painful, Conservatives Concerned About the Death Penalty Advocacy Coordinator Marc Hyden told Sputnik on Friday. He also said, Hyden explained that the effect of using nitrogen gas on inmates is unknown and may lead to unintended physical as well as legal consequences. The problem, Hyden argued, is not just the use of nitrogen gas: “The whole death penalty system is an utterly flawed system. Using nitrogen gas is just a fix and an act of desperation in trying to keep a broken [death penalty] program afloat.”

Source:: Conservatives Concerned About the Death Penalty