Unusual allies align to oppose state’s execution secrecy plan

Idaho is one of the most recent states attempting to shroud its death penalty protocols in secrecy. A bill being considering in the Idaho legislature would conceal the source of their death penalty drugs. This was the topic of an article written by Dustin Hurst from the Idaho Reporter. Hurst opened by saying, An unusual consortium of political groups has aligned to oppose the Idaho Department of Correction’s plan to add more secrecy to state executions. The American Civil Liberties Union of Idaho, the Idaho Freedom Foundation and Conservatives Concerned About the Death Penalty, three groups not always aligned on policy, have come out against the department proposal, which would shield from public disclosure the names of execution chemical suppliers. Hurst also interviewed me for this article and said, Marc Hyden, the national policy coordinator for Conservatives Concerned about the Death Penalty, said politicos on his side of the ideological fence should feel deep skepticism of the measure. “Conservatives should always be skeptical when the state attempts to shroud its activities in secrecy,” Hyden wrote in an email. “The people of Idaho deserve to know where their taxes are being spent and what those funds are purchasing.” Hurst continued, Hyden warned the measure could lead to some nefarious activities. “Concealing the source of the death penalty drugs has nothing to do with national security,” Hyden said. “So, there is no reason why the state should keep expenditures of public funds like this a secret. This form of secrecy in the hands of the government often leads to corruption and abuse.”

Source:: Conservatives Concerned About the Death Penalty