Topeka Capital Journal Editorializes Against Appeals Bill

The Topeka Capital Journal, posted a balanced editorial on March 6, 2014, discussing House Bill 2389, a bill in the state legislature that would revise and expedite the appeals process for death penalty cases in Kansas. The editorial came down in opposition to the legislation.

While considering the arguments from supporters of the bill, the concern for innocence prevailed, and the editorial ultimately weighed in against this legislation stating, “The appeals process should allow the time necessary to ensure Kansas never sends the wrong person marching toward the executioner.”

Shortly before the House action, there was powerful testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee on why the state should abolish the death penalty altogether. Several of the arguments that came out in this testimony have resonated with many legislators and are referenced in this editorial– issues exacerbated by this misguided legislation, HB 2389.

Source: National Coalition to End the Death Penalty