States taking action on the death penalty

State legislatures across the United States are gearing up for session, and more and more of them are considering death penalty repeal bills. Republicans have sponsored such legislation in Kansas, Nebraska, Kentucky, Wyoming, Montana, and Missouri. Other states are also looking into measures to end capital punishment. While some states are contemplating replacing the death penalty with life without the possibility of parole, other states are attempting to tinker with the broken capital punishment system. One such state was Idaho. The Gem State was prepared to evaluate a measure that would have made the source of their death penalty drugs a secret. This, of course, would be a clear violation of transparency in government that conservatives demand. The Idaho legislature agreed and halted the bill from proceeding to a vote. In more somber news, the State of Georgia recently executed a man who was regarded to be intellectually disabled. Warren Lee Hill was convicted and executed, and while his guilt was not in doubt, multiple medical professionals have claimed that he was mentally disabled. They stated that he had the mental capacity of an 11 year-old. His lawyers claimed that his execution was an obvious violation of the US Supreme Court decision of Atkins v. Virginia, which forbids the execution of individuals with intellectual disabilities. Conservatives Concerned in the Media CCATDP continues to be a force in the media where we were prominently featured in a great number of outlets.• I was a guest on the Q with a View radio show where Heather Beaudoin was a guest last September.• I was interviewed for the Sunshine News Network and the Idaho Reporter. Catholic news reporter, Carol Zimmerman also interviewed me in a story that was spread throughout the Catholic world including the American Catholic, Catholic Sun, Catholic Philly, the Boston Pilot and more.• Heather Beaudoin was interviewed on the Odyssey Network. You can see her video here, which went viral. Her appearance was mentioned in the Huffington Post, Day 1, Sojouners, and others!• I authored an op-ed published in the Deseret News following the state’s decision to attempt to bring back the firing squad as an execution method. I was also a guest on the Rod Arquette Radio show in Utah discussing the firing squad.• Ben Jones wrote an article in the Libertarian Christian explaining why Christians should rethink capital punishment.• CCATDP supporter, conservative Kansas State Representative Bill Sutton, wrote an op-ed for the Watchdog highlighting the death penalty’s financial waste in a time when Kansas is looking for ways to trim the state’s budget. Red States for Repeal We’ve already seen numerous conservative states push towards repeal while being led by Republicans, but many of these red states are also creating their own Conservatives Concerned about the Death Penalty groups. Montana has the original Conservatives Concerned about the Death Penalty group, but Nebraska, Tennessee, and North Carolina have also created groups recently. In addition, conservatives are talking in many other states. Also check out what Kansans and Georgians are saying about capital punishment. Conservatives Concerned in the Field On January 23, Ben Jones of CCATDP exhibited at the Students for Life of America East Coast National Conference, which is one of the largest gatherings of pro-life youth in the country. Dozens of students visited our booth and signed up, interested in becoming more active in efforts to repeal the death penalty. I presented the conservative case against the death penalty at the Young Americans for Liberty chapter of the University of Delaware. The event was attended by conservatives and libertarians who all left very concerned about capital punishment. CCATDP’s Heather Beaudoin testified on February 13 before the Montana House Judiciary committee. She urged them to vote to repeal the death penalty because of its monumental failures. Upcoming On February 19, I will be presenting the conservative case against the death penalty at the Georgia Center Right Coalition meeting at the Georgia capitol. The event will be at 10:00 AM in room 415 in the Coverdell Legislative Office Building in Atlanta, Georgia. Following the Georgia Center Right meeting, I will discuss why conservatives are increasingly opposing capital punishment at the Georgia Tea Party’s weekly meeting on February 19 at 7:00 pm at 900 Roswell Street in Marietta, Georgia. Both events are open to the public, and I hope to see you there! Conservatives Concerned about the Death Penalty will return to CPAC February 25-28, where it all began in 2013. Our team will consist of conservatives from Michigan, Connecticut, Nebraska, Florida, and my home state of Georgia. I hope you’ll drop by our booth and say hello. We will be at booth number 738.

Source:: Conservatives Concerned About the Death Penalty