Roundup: Conservative Voices Support Ending the Death Penalty

Ending the death penalty is a goal that crosses party lines. More and more conservative figures are coming out against capital punishment throughout the United States. Last year, the former Republican U.S. Representative Ron Paul declared his views have shifted over time because the death penalty is unfairly used against minorities and the poor.

And he’s not the only one. Since the last execution in Oklahoma, many other conservatives have called to stop executions.

A few of the the main conservative arguments against the death penalty are:

  • Cost: The death penalty is too expensive and costs the tax payers.
  • Effectiveness: The death penalty is not effective deterrant against crime.
  • Justice system: Many conservatives express skepticism about the way the criminal justice system handles capital punishment.

Here are a few incredible pieces featuring conservative perspectives on death penalty abolition:

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Source: National Coalition to End the Death Penalty