Push to abolish death penalty makes way to the MT legislature – KAJ18, February 5, 2013

HELENA – A bipartisan group of legislators introduced draft bill LC0019, which would abolish the death penalty in Montana and replace it with life in prison without parole with support from Montana Abolition Coalition.

“We realize that the death penalty simply doesn’t work and it’s time for Montana to stop. To stop wasting our precious resources on this. Every state cost study has found that the death penalty costs run into the millions and accomplish nothing,” said MT State Representative Doug Kary (R-Billings), who will sponsor the bill.

Executions create many victims. Not only the family members of the person who is executed, but the people we ask to carry out the machinery of death in our name and that’s our employees in our Montana correctional system,” said Representative Margie MacDonald (D-Billings), another advocate.

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