Press Release: YAL & CCATDP Strategic Partnership Announced

By Marc Hyden YAL & CCATDP STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIP ANNOUNCED LIBERTY GROUP concerned about the death penalty October 21, 2013 – Conservatives Concerned about the Death Penalty (CCATDP) is pleased to be named a Strategic Partner of Young Americans for Liberty (YAL), the largest, most active, and fastest growing pro-liberty organization on America’s college campuses. As a Strategic Partner of YAL, CCATDP looks forward to working closely with YAL chapters across the country and providing students with opportunities to become involved in the growing movement to end the death penalty. “We are thrilled to begin this new partnership with Young Americans for Liberty, one of the premier organizations advancing liberty in the nation,” says CCATDP’s Marc Hyden. “Many young people, libertarians, and constitutional conservatives have expressed concerns about the death penalty and become active with CCATDP, so this partnership is a natural fit for us. It is a wonderful opportunity to partner closely with the talented students active in YAL.” Jeff Frazee, the founder and Executive Director of YAL, has come to see repeal of the death penalty as an important goal for advancing liberty: “I first supported the death penalty until I found out how many innocent individuals were being killed and how costly it was on the taxpayers. In a free and just society, we should always strive to protect life, most especially all innocent life…. So after studying the issue, I now strongly oppose the death penalty.” CCATDP’s partnership with YAL is just the latest example of the growing support within the Liberty Movement for ending the death penalty. Former Congressman and Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ron Paul, Mises Institute Chairman Lew Rockwell, and libertarian blogger Julie Borowski are among CCATDP’s growing list of national supporters who are expressing opposition to the death penalty. About Us Conservatives Concerned About the Death Penalty is a nationwide group of conservatives questioning whether capital punishment is consistent with conservative principles and values due to the system’s inefficiency, inequity, and inaccuracy. Conservatives Concerned About the Death Penalty is a project of Equal Justice USA, a national, non-partisan, grassroots organization working to build a criminal justice system that works. For everyone. To learn more go to

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