“No death penalty. No brainer.”

We are proud to announce that another prominent political leader has taken a stand against the death penalty. Lawrence W. Reed, President of the Foundation for Economic Education, recently stated, “Are some crimes so heinous as to be worthy of the ultimate earthly punishment? Yes. Are some who commit those crimes capable of remorse, redemption and restitution? Yes, but not if they’re dead. Is government guilty of sloppiness and error in its judgments? Oh my God, yes! Add to that the proven fact that capital punishment in our clunky court system costs more than life without parole and you arrive at an inescapable conclusion: the right alternatives to capital punishment offer more hope, more deterrence and more justice.” Conservatives Concerned in the media CCATDP had a breakout month in the media. There are too many to mention, but here are a few of our favorites: