#NEWS: Delaware Senate Passes Repeal Bill

On Thursday, 2 April 2015, by a vote of 11-9, the Delaware Senate voted to pass SB 40, a bill to repeal the death penalty in Delaware (roll call). The legislation was sponsored by Democratic Sen. Karen Peterson.

From DelawareOnline:

On Thursday, Peterson’s legislation survived attempts on the Senate floor to undo the bill and add more crimes that would be eligible for the death penalty…Delaware is one of 32 states that employs capital punishment. Advocates for the death penalty have long argued that it is a fair penalty for the most heinous of prisoners and deters crime, but opponents say execution violates human rights, is expensive, encourages a cycle of violence and is used disproportionately against minorities and the poor.

Peterson said during Senate testimony that she understands the visceral and primal reaction to enact revenge on people who have committed heinous crimes. But an eye-for-an-eye approach is not what the state should be involved in.

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The bill will now move to the Delaware House Judiciary Committee for consideration.

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The NCADP has created the 90 Million Strong Campaign to unite the voices of those who believe the death penalty is wrong. We need to demonstrate that the broad public support to end this practice is already here in America, and 90 million people speaking up can make a difference.

The 90 million people who oppose the death penalty are organized, energized, and ready to end capital punishment. Join us today.

Source:: National Coalition to End the Death Penalty