National Conservative Ground Swell

By Marc Hyden One of our newest supporters was featured in the Knoxville News Sentinel this month! Drew Johnson is a Senior Fellow at the Taxpayers Protection Alliance and the founder of the Beacon Center of Tennessee. Johnson said, “The death penalty runs a dangerously high risk of killing innocent people, siphons billions of dollars from the public, and gives the government power it cannot be trusted to carry out fairly.” Conservatives Concerned in the field Texas Republican Pat Monks, one of our earliest supporters, discussed Conservatives Concerned about the Death Penalty with the Texas Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty at Liberty on the Rocks in Houston. Monks found immediate and abundant support at the event from conservatives and libertarians in attendance. In partnership with Jennifer Baysinger of the Kansas Coalition Against the Death Penalty, Ben Jones of CCATDP presented the conservative case against the death penalty at the Wichita (KS) Pachyderm Club. Jones received a warm welcome by the group, as he led a lively discussion on the death penalty, its cost, and the problem of wrongful convictions. Pachyderm clubs facilitate grassroots activism and engagement in Republican clubs across America. I was present at the 3rd Annual Tea Party Conference in Marietta, Georgia. The conference featured speakers from across the conservative spectrum, and many became very interested in CCATDP and our outreach. Several of these conservative leaders are already asking to become involved in our movement. Conservatives Concerned in the media I was asked to return as a guest to the American Maverick Show with Flint Engleman to discuss our recent big news – our strategic partnership with Young Americans for Liberty and Dr. Ron Paul’s statement of support for our goals. I was also interviewed on the Colorado Conservative’s Grassroots Radio with David K. Williams and Stacy Petty to discuss why conservatives, more than ever, are now turning against the death penalty. The Dallas Morning News covered the emergence of CCATDP and how opposition to the death penalty is no longer confined to the political left. The paper followed up the editorial with a blog post about a North Carolina poll showing majority conservative support for repealing and replacing the death penalty. CCATDP’s Heather Beaudoin was featured again in the Life Matters Journal discussing new pro-life and religious voices that are questioning capital punishment. Uncuffed, a blog that discusses criminal justice issues, recently covered CCATDP. The article described how an alliance is forming in opposition to the death penalty with the extreme expense of capital punishment, among numerous other flaws, uniting unlikely allies. Thank You Conservatives Concerned about the Death Penalty has had some amazing successes, but we would not have been successful without your support and hard work. For that, we are very grateful. As the holiday season approaches, please consider making a small donation to help us continue to be able to spread the word about the death penalty’s inefficiency, inequity, and inaccuracy. You can donate here. From everyone at CCATDP, we wish you a safe and very happy holidays!

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