Moving forward…

Stop-the-Death-PenaltySometimes victory is a bittersweet stalemate. We celebrate that for another biennium Montana does not have the legal means to carry out executions. Our work has created a political climate in the legislature where attempting to restart executions isn’t tenable or possible.
At the same time, after exploring all possible options, the Montana Abolition Coalition and our allies in the legislature have decided against a revived effort for House Bill 366 to end the death penalty.
But we will continue the fight, and we are counting on YOUR HELP

We want recognize the hard work of our supporters — YOU. Without you, we would not have come this far. We have so many successes to celebrate and many thanks to give.

We had unprecedented bipartisan support this session. Rep. Adam Hertz, Rep. Adam Rosendale, Sen. Margie MacDonald, Rep. Mike Hopkins, Sen. Albert Olszewski, and Sen. Tom Facey deserve to be recognized for their courageous leadership in our fight to repeal the death penalty.  As a testimony to their ability to build bridges, dozens of Republicans and Democrats came together to publicly call for abolition. Few other issues at the Legislature have ever generated this kind of bipartisan support.

The diverse voices that spoke out for abolition was encouraging- from murder victim family members, corrections workers, faith leaders, former prosecutors, exonorees, every day Montanans, and the list goes on. Not a single opponent spoke against House Bill 366. And the public debate has shifted in favor of repealing capital punishment in Montana. This is a movement we can keep building upon.

We will come back in 2019, stronger and louder then ever.