Montana Should Get Rid of Death Penalty

via the Billings Gazette

Legislators in Connecticut just passed a bill to replace the death penalty with a sentence of life imprisonment without the possibility of release. Gov. Maloy has pledged to sign it. It is time for Montana also to get rid of the death penalty because the death penalty degrades our respect for human life. It tells us that killing is an acceptable way to resolve problems. It simply adds another layer of violence to our society.

The death penalty is devastating on all those involved. It forces state employees to kill people and victimizes the condemned’s family. These people were not involved in the crime, yet they end up paying a heavy price. It’s another murder victim and creates another person in a coffin. Correction officials who have carried out executions have experienced mental health problems, alcohol abuse and even suicide.

We need to recognize the inherent worth and dignity of every person. Please pay attention to this important issue and support the abolition of the death penalty as it advances through the Montana legislative process.

Katherine Jabs