Maryland is on the cusp of transforming how it treats families of murder victims

Last week a Maryland House committee rejected a Senate attempt to gut funding for murder victims’ families. Now, thanks to the help of people like you, the funding is restored!

There are still a few more steps on the thorny path of budget negotiations. Please help clear the way.

If you live in Maryland, take action to help families of murder victims in Maryland get the funding and help they need. 
With one click you can:

  • Ask key members of the legislature to support the House’s version of funding for victims’ families during the conference process.
  • Send a special thank you to the lawmakers who have stood up for victims’ families throughout this process.
  • Email senators in support of the ‘Programs for Homicide Survivors’ bill, which already unanimously passed the House. If that bill passes, murder victims’ families will finally receive official recognition as crime victims under Maryland law, and will be considered for support programs in the future.

If you don’t live in Maryland, spread the word on TwitterFacebook, or by emailing anyone you know in Maryland.

Source: Equal Justice USA