Is Oklahoma about to execute an innocent man?

Time is running out for Richard Glossip.

2015-08_Richard-Glossip_copy_squareIn less than 24 hours, Glossip is scheduled be executed, despite mounting evidence of his innocence.  These are just a few of the hundreds of articles that have been written about the case in the last several weeks:

The evidence against Glossip continues to crumble yet Oklahoma continues to pursue his execution. Amid these questions of guilt, Oklahoma should at least delay his execution.

Call Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin now, and ask her to stay the execution to allow for further investigation. Her phone lines are being flooded, but she needs to hear from you that this execution should not go forward.

Governor’s main office number: (405) 521-2342

Governor’s voicemail for comments: (405) 522-8857

The pending execution has generated a huge outcry from all over the world. From Sister Helen Prejean, to former Dallas Cowboys Coach Barry Switzer, to Virgin mogul Richard Branson, to conservative US Senator Tom Coburn, to actress Susan Sarandon – even a juror from the original case came forward to say he wouldn’t have voted to convict Glossip if he’d had all the evidence that is currently available.

Glossip’s execution could be the first in Oklahoma since Clayton Lockett’s botched execution last summer – the very execution that lead to the U.S. Supreme Court case bearing Richard Glossip’s name, Glossip v Gross. While the Court’s decision gave Oklahoma the go-ahead to use the same risky method of execution, it didn’t address the issue of whether Richard Glossip is actually innocent of the crime for which he is scheduled to be executed.

Call Governor Fallin and tell her Glossip’s claims of innocence need to be heard, and he should not be executed tomorrow. If you don’t get through at (405) 521-2342, leave a message at (405) 522-8857.