How Many More?

Stop-the-Death-PenaltyLast week, we saw ANOTHER botched execution; Arizona death row inmate, Joseph Wood was injected 15 times with lethal injection drugs and gasped and struggled for breath for over an hour. It took over 2 hours for him to die. This is just  another horrific demonstration of cruel and unusual punishment at its worst. How many more examples will we see before we finally get rid of the death penalty? We hope that the answer is none. Its time to end this barbaric practice and end it now!
We need your help. Elections are less then 100 days away and the legislative session is in only a few short months. We need to  prepare for the challenges we know we’ll face in the coming year. Help us meet the election and legislative session with the resources we’ll need. Let’s show everyone that Montanans want to be out of the business of killing people!

Each year, with your support, Montana moves closer to abolition and 2014 is no different, our movement – both in Montana and out – has seen great successes. Our bill had an historic bi-partisan partnership, reminding everyone that the death penalty is not a Republican or Democratic issue – it is a human rights issue. We saw a record number of Montanans reach out to their elected officials in Helena, asking them to support abolition.

And it isn’t just Montana! Around the country,  we are seeing a tidal wave of support for abolition. More and more people are recognizing that the death penalty doesn’t work. It is outdated, costly, and mistake-ridden.
This momentum is significant, and it represents all of our efforts to educate citizens and leaders on the true financial and societal costs of the death penalty system. State by state, the U.S. is inching towards a day when the death penalty will be abolished once and for all.

In 2015, with your help, we will work harder, longer and smarter to end Montana’s death penalty. We don’t want to see another execution and certainly not in Montana! We know that this fight will be won because of people like you who voice their opinions and take action to get rid of a system that is broken beyond repair.