Florida’s Death Penalty Problems and ‘Solutions’

Katharine Orr, former Florida Chair of Young Americans for Liberty and friend of CCATDP, wrote an op-ed on the Florida death penalty. It was published yesterday in Voices of Liberty and highlighted the many reasons why Floridians should be concerned with their faulty capital punishment system. She wrote, Florida has wrongly sentenced more people to death than any other state – 25. This is an embarrassing and frightful distinction. Katharine continued, Capital cases in Florida are also much more expensive than life-without-parole cases. Studies have suggested that the state could easily save millions of dollars just by replacing the death penalty with life without the possibility of release. Capital cases affect state and local budgets too, and they have even risked the solvency of municipalities due to the high fiscal burden. As she closed, she said, The death penalty exemplifies the shortcomings in our criminal justice system, and Florida’s capital punishment program is one of the most broken systems in the nation. As an advocate for limited government, I find it unreasonable to allow the State to execute U.S. citizens, and I find it unacceptable how Florida manages the death penalty.

Source:: Conservatives Concerned About the Death Penalty