DPIC Added to Giving Library

By aholsinger

The Death Penalty Information Center was recently added to the Giving Library, a website that connects donors to nonprofit organizations through online videos. In DPIC’s video, Executive Director Richard Dieter describes DPIC’s mission of educating the public about capital punishment, saying, “We believe that a well-informed, balanced discussion on the death penalty is essential to address the problems of this system.” The video also highlights DPIC’s essential role as a source for the media and emphasizes our broad range of resources, including our two educational curricula. On December 3, Giving Library is kicking off its “Share to Give” campaign. Visitors to the website who sign up for a “Library Card” can share videos on Facebook or Twitter, and Giving Library will donate $5 to the organization for each time their video is shared.

(Posted by DPIC, November 27, 2013.) See Donate.

Via: DPIC Added to Giving Library