Death and taxes: Are conservatives cooling on capital punishment?

Yesterday, Dick Polman of Newsworks posted an article covering the conservative case against the death penalty. He compared and contrasted the liberal and conservative reasons individuals oppose capital punishment. Polman said, Hey, maybe abolition is a rare issue that can unite liberals and conservatives…the left talks race and morality, the right wears the green eyeshade…strange bedfellows, consorting at last! Polman also covered the works of Conservatives Concerned about the Death Penalty, and he gave me a simple piece of wisdom, So my advice to Marc Hyden, co-leader of Conservatives Concerned, is simple: Go for it, dude. This is not the first time Polman has covered the death penalty or even highlighted the work of CCATDP. He has long been an opponent of capital punishment, and he wrote about us late last year in a piece titled the Death Spiral of the Death Penalty.

Source: Conservatives Concerned About the Death Penalty