Conservative group seeks to end death penalty

Yesterday I spoke to the Georgia Tea Party and the Georgia Center Right Coalition on the dangers associated with the death penalty. Walter Jones, a reporter with the Morris News Service, was in attendance at the Georgia Center Right Coalition meeting at the Georgia capitol, and he wrote about the event. He stated, A veteran Republican political operative and former staffer for the National Rifle Association, Hyden is the advocacy coordinator for the New York-based Conservatives Concerned About the Death Penalty. He argues it’s expensive, error-prone and ineffective as a deterrent. Jones commented on the statements made by those in attendance, Several of the lobbyists, despite their years around government, expressed surprise that a death-penalty trial costs about three times more than other murder trials. Then the costs of appeals and housing an inmate on death row are also much more expensive and prolonged. “The most obvious argument is, because you’re a conservative, do you trust the government?” said lobbyist Pat Gartland. Others in the little group also said they were looking at the issue in a new light. “I think the mindset you bring, that it’s cheaper to house them than to kill them, that’s news to me,” said lobbyist Louie Hunter. “…Nobody wants to be soft on crime, but the facts on this are changing minds.”

Source:: Conservatives Concerned About the Death Penalty