Can a generational divide tank criminal justice reform?

Brett LoGiurato from Fusion attended CPAC this year to find that there was a growing desire to see criminal justice reform. LoGiurato spoke with many political leaders and even CCATDP. He wrote, But the urge on both the left and right is real. It was on full display last week at the Conservative Political Action Conference, where Paul spoke. Downstairs in the convention center in a sprawling area called the “CPAC Hub,” a small group of conservatives representing the organization Conservatives Concerned About the Death Penalty said they saw a sharp increase in foot traffic to their booth this year. There’s no bill in front of Congress to eliminate the death penalty right now, but it’s becoming a growing issue on the right, especially on the state level. Lawmakers in six GOP-controlled state bodies have sponsored bills to repeal the death penalty amid a 5-point year-over-year drop in Republican support, according to Gallup. LoGiurato even mentioned one person who dropped by our booth at CPAC. Before he stopped by the booth, he supported capital punishment, but by the time he left, he was opposed to the broken system.

Source:: Conservatives Concerned About the Death Penalty