BREAKING NEWS: Montana in Moratorium!

Montana’s Death Penalty in Moratorium

State Judge Rules Montana’s Lethal Injection Protocol is Unlawful.

Stop-the-Death-PenaltyIn a victory for justice, District Court Judge Jeffrey Sherlock ruled today that Montana’s use of the drug pentobarbital in execution doesn’t comply with the statute that governs lethal injection in Montana.

All Montana executions are stayed indefinitely, which means that Montana remains in a de facto death penalty moratorium….

“The State has had multiple opportunities to correct the problems with the death penalty protocol. And each time they came up with a new flawed procedure,” said ACLU Legal Director, Jim Taylor. “Seven years of litigation has demonstrated that Montana’s death penalty is broken beyond repair.”

Read more about this ruling from our friends at the ACLU of Montana by clicking HERE1011498_10151336480804058_1426326828_n