Bill Aiming to Abolish Death Penalty Makes it Out of Committee, Heads to Senate

Members of the Senate Judiciary Committee are referring to Senate Bill 116 as one of the biggest public policy measures the committee faces.

The bill would abolish the death penalty for life in prison without parole.

It made it out of committee with a vote of seven to five today and will now go to the Senate floor.

Supporters of the democrat backed measure, sponsored by Senator David Wanzenried, say the repeal will save money and that it avoids unjustly putting an innocent person to death.

Those opposed to Senate Bill 185 say that the criminals committing serious crimes deserve it.

“I was nauseated by just being inside the area where those people are in close confinement, so they are being punished in a way that you can’t imagine unless you go witness it yourself because you will walk out of there feeling the hair on the back of your neck standing up I guarantee it,” remarked Senator Cliff Larsen (D – District 50).

Added Senator Greg Hinkle (R – District 7), “This subject is far bigger then I think this committee.”

Senator Anders Blewett also voiced his concern over the fact that capital punishment is unfair, saying minorities and people that are “down and out” are more likely to be targeted.