Big News!

By Marc Hyden Big News! We are proud to announce that Conservatives Concerned about the Death Penalty (CCATDP) has formed a strategic partnership with Young Americans for Liberty (YAL), the largest, most active, and fastest growing pro-liberty organization on America’s college campuses. As a Strategic Partner of YAL, CCATDP looks forward to working closely with YAL chapters across the country and providing students with opportunities to become involved in the growing movement to end the death penalty. Jeff Frazee, Executive Director of YAL, said “In a free and just society, we should always strive to protect life, most especially all innocent life. And, ultimately, it costs the taxpayers more to put a man to death than keeping him locked up for life. So after studying the issue, I now strongly oppose the death penalty.” Last week, CCATDP was featured on MSNBC’s The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell who said, “We now have reason to expect that support for the death penalty will continue to drop thanks to Conservatives Concerned about the Death Penalty.” The 6-minute segment was seen by over 1.2 million viewers, and it highlighted our work – raising questions about the death penalty among conservatives. It also praised some of our biggest supporters – Richard Viguerie and Ron Paul – for their positions on the death penalty. Conservatives Concerned in the News Our partnership with YAL generated an article that was covered by PolicyMic. CCATDP’s Ben Jones was published in YAL’s blog to announce the strategic partnership and to lay out why conservatives and libertarians have every reason to be concerned about the death penalty. Danny Huizinga, a syndicated journalist, wrote about CCATDP and how conservatives are shifting their views from a dogmatic tough-on-crime stance to a principled smart-on-crime policy. His article was published in the Washington Times, Redstate, Intercollegiate Review, Turning Point USA, and the Baylor Lariat. Chase Blasi, Colwich, KS City Councilman and Treasurer of the Kansas Young Republicans, works closely with Conservatives Concerned and assisted us at our debut at CPAC. He recently penned an article suggesting that Kansas should take the lead on repealing the death penalty. Ben Jones and I were both recently published by different think tanks. Ben outlined the libertarian case against the death penalty for the Cato Institute, while I wrote about the failures of the death penalty for the Ludwig Von Mises Institute, a free market think tank. Conservatives Concerned on the Radio Ben Jones and I were interviewed on the Radical Roundtable, a radio show operated by the Free Radical Network. I was also interviewed on the Gary Nolan Show (Nolan was a former Vice-Presidential candidate), and more recently on the Chuck Morse Speaks conservative talk radio show, based out of Boston.

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