At CPAC, Pro–Criminal Justice Reform and Anti–Death Penalty Activists Make Their Case

Rotating-pic-3-930x300Earlier this month, CCATDP returned to CPAC for the fourth year in a row, and we enjoyed the same overwhelming acceptance that we always receive. Stephanie Slade from Reason Magazine covered our return. She wrote, Groups like Right on Crime and Conservatives Concerned About the Death Penalty (CCATDP), once viewed mostly as novelties within the movement, are now fixtures of CPAC. What’s more, they’re making the case for rethinking the party line on criminal justice issues in decidedly conservative terms. Slade interviewed me for her story and quoted me as saying, “We’re accepted as just another part of the umbrella of conservatism. Nobody questions whether I’m a conservative or not—I’m talking about pro-life policies, fiscal responsibility, and limited government, and the death penalty just doesn’t work with that.”

Source:: Conservatives Concerned About the Death Penalty