Appeals Court Orders Texas To Hold Off On Execution Of Scott Panetti

Huffington Post reporter, Amanda Terkel also reported on the recent stay of execution for Scott Panetti issued by the 5th Circuit Court. She stated, Less than 12 hours before the state of Texas was set to execute Scott Panetti, an appeals court issued a stay Wednesday morning, meaning Panetti’s lawyers will have another chance to argue that the death penalty is unconstitutional in their client’s case. She quoted me as well, “Texas was about to cross a line by executing a severely mentally ill man,” said Mark Hyden, national coordinator for Conservatives Concerned About the Death Penalty, in a statement after the court’s announcement. “A wide array of conservative and faith leaders have spoken out in record numbers about this case. We have made it abundantly clear that numerous conservatives and Evangelicals view executing those who are mentally ill as a violation of our values as Americans. Conservatives have demonstrated we are firmly part of what appears to be a national consensus against executing people who are mentally ill.”

Source:: Conservatives Concerned About the Death Penalty