Anti-Death Penalty Speakers to Share Their Personal Stories Across Montana


On April 9th, 2002, Ray Krone became the 100th person in the United States to be exonerated from death row, after DNA evidence proved he was being held for a crime he did not commit.He is just one speaker that will be sharing his story in a series of events across the state.

Ray Krone spent 10 years on death row in Arizona, convicted of murder.
The only problem – he was innocent.

Now, he speaks out against the death penalty and he’s not alone.

In the late 90’s, Marie Verzulli’s sister became one of eight women murdered by a serial killer in New York – and she, too, believes the death penalty system is wrong.

“Whether we figure it’s justified or not, it’s almost like we’re living the life like they live it versus the way that we’re living it, saying killing someone is wrong and you need to be held accountable, but my taking your life isn’t going to make you any more accountable,” explains Verzulli.

Offers Krone, “I was on death row, I could’ve taken a plea bargain but I was innocent, I fought my case and so I went to death row and I really realized it’s just something – I don’t support my government, I don’t’ trust them to fix the potholes in the street, what would give me confidence to believe that they could actually decide fairly who should live and who should die.”

Both Marie Verzulli and Ray Krone will be speaking right here in Great Falls tomorrow at 7 PM at the Holy Spirit Parish social hall located at 201 44th Street South.

Events will also be held at the United Methodist Church in Boulder this Saturday at 10 AM, and in Townsend at the Saint John Episcopal Church at 2 PM on Saturday.

On Monday, October 11th, they will be speaking in Helena at Our Lady of the Valley at 7 PM.

The events are being held by the Montana Abolition Coalition – who describe themselves as an “umbrella group of faith – civil and human rights organizations and individuals whose purpose is to support abolition of Montana’s death penalty.”