Past Legislative Efforts

There’s a great deal of speculation in the air. Rumors are circulating about who is running for office and what the outcome of the next election might be. While it’s too early to read the tea leaves, it’s not too early to start working toward victory in the next legislative session. There are two races that will have a significant impact on our efforts in the Legislature. Whoever wins the race for Governor will hold extraordinary influence over the legislature; he will command the bully pulpit and wield the veto pen. Similarly the Attorney General’s race is important for our cause because the Attorney General is the highest prosecutor in Montana, of both capital and non-capital cases. The way the candidates talk about this issue can shape and be shaped by public opinion. We must let the candidates know that we support abolition.

Montana House of Representatives Fax:
(406) 444-4825

Montana State Senate Fax:

Hand-written letters are the most effective, so here are the addresses of all of the candidates:

Steve Bullock
PO Box 1330
Helena, MT 59624
Robert Coate
3189 Catkin Ln B
Bozeman, MT 59718
Corey Stapleton
2015 Eastridge Dr
Billings, MT 59102
Rick Hill
PO Box 4717
Helena, MT 59604
Neil Livingston
804 Gilbert St
Helena, MT 59601
 Ken Miller
PO Box 186
Laurel, MT 59044
James O’Hara
5254 Frendman Ridge Rd
Fort Benton, MT 59442
Ronald Vandevender
3723 Eagle Canyon Rd
Cascade, MT 59421
Attorney General
Pam Bucy
PO Box 999
Helena, MT 59624
Jesse Laslovich
PO Box 1558
Helena, MT 59624
Jim Shockley
PO Box 608
Victor, MT 59875


Tips for contacting the candidates:

  • Keep your letter brief – no more than 250 words. It can be as short as “Please support abolition of the death penalty!”
  • Talk about your personal beliefs and any relevant experiences you may have had.
  • Use facts to support your letter. Visit our facts/issues pages for ideas.
  • Focus on a few points; it is not possible to cover everything in a brief letter.
  • Always be respectful – avoid personal attacks or judgments.
  • Always include your name and address.