Last week, I wrote a piece for Voices of Liberty describing the recent press conference in Kansas. CCATDP’s Ben Jones helped coordinate a press event at the Kansas capitol, featuring conservative leaders and death row exonerees. I wrote, March 19, 2015—On Tuesday March 17th inside the rotunda at the Kansas State Capitol, there was a typical scene for what is widely considered to be one of the most conservative states in America. A Republican legislator, a former Republican lawmaker, a district-level GOP official, and a pro-life activist all gathered together to hold a news conference. However, their message caught some by surprise: the time has come to end Kansas’ failed experiment with the death penalty. Their call to end capital punishment stemmed from core conservative principles, such as a commitment to fiscal responsibility, limited government, and valuing life. The press conference was an enormous success, which attracted national media attention, but it’s important to remember that Kansas is not the only state pushing for repeal of the death penalty. Many states are inching closer: Kansas conservatives are not alone in re-examining the death penalty and calling for its repeal. The State of Nebraska is also considering legislation to abolish capital punishment. In fact, a bill repealing the death penalty and replacing it with life without parole unanimously passed out of the Nebraska Judiciary Committee earlier this month. Conservative Republican lawmakers played a key role.

Source:: Conservatives Concerned About the Death Penalty