Justice Breyer: “I believe it highly likely that the death penalty violates the Eighth Amendment.”

“Justice Stephen Breyer reiterated his call for the Supreme Court to reconsider the constitutionality of the death penalty on Thursday night, just hours before the justices are due to consider hearing a case that could do just that.” Read more: http://www.buzzfeed.com/chrisgeidner/supreme-court-justice-again-urges-its-time-to-reconsider-the#.icO46gkO9M

BREAKING NEWS: Death Penalty Repeal Advances in Two Key States

Lawmakers in Delaware and Kansas have announced their intentions to move forward with death penalty repeal legislation early in 2016. This is more evidence of national momentum away from capital punishment in the U.S. The Delaware Repeal Bill, SB40 is scheduled to be considered on the House floor this Thursday, January 28th. A broad coalition […]

Why conservatives are abandoning the death penalty

Earlier this week, an article that I wrote was published in the ultra conservative Washington Examiner. In the piece, I expanded on the conservative case against the death penalty. I wrote, Regardless of whether one supports the death penalty in theory, in practice capital punishment has a long documented history of failing to live up […]

Reflections on Martin Luther King’s Legacy and the Death Penalty

On the occasion of Martin Luther King Junior’s 87th birthday, we must examine our national progress on a project that Dr. King framed so beautifully throughout his life’s work. Dr. King’s activism helped bring about two landmark pieces of civil rights legislation, reforms that lifted millions out of poverty, and an end to the war […]

BREAKING: Supreme Court rules Florida’s Death Penalty is Unconstitutional!

The U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday declared Florida’s death penalty law unconstitutional because it requires the trial judge and not the jury to make the critical findings necessary to impose capital punishment. The state’s current system is at odds with a string of Supreme Court cases which held that facts that add to a defendant’s […]

Victory! Congress saves funds for life-saving victim services

  You spoke, and Congress listened! Thanks to everyone who participated in our #DontCutVOCA action, we have something to celebrate in the New Year: Congress approved an appropriations bill that increases funding for crime survivor services, known as VOCA funding, by over 15% in 2016. The “VOCA cap” was increased last year for the first […]