The Death Penalty in Decline

Annual report by the Death Penalty Information Center shows the U.S. saw fewer executions and death sentences in 2015 than it has in decades This year, Montana was among 44 states that did not conduct an execution and one of the 36 states that did not impose a single death sentence, joining a growing consensus […]

US Evangelicals and death penalty: “The tide is turning”

CCATDP’s Heather Beaudoin was recently featured by Evangelical Focus to discuss the Christian case against the death penalty and to highlight the National Association of Evangelicals’ official shift away from the supporting capital punishment. Heather explained, “I have certainly witnessed a shift away from the death penalty in the evangelical community. Individuals in the evangelical […]

After 3 Trials and Recanted Testimony, Georgia Set to Execute Man Who May Be Innocent

After three trials, Georgia is set to execute Brian Keith Terrell (pictured) on December 8, unless the Georgia Board of Pardons and Paroles grants him clemency in a hearing at which he will present claims that he is innocent. Terrell’s lawyers say that no physical evidence links him to the murder and that this conviction […]