Gallup Poll: Support for Death Penalty Declines 2%, Opposition Reaches Highest Level in 43 Years

Support for the death penalty in the United States dropped by two percentage points over the last year and opposition rose to its highest levels since before the Supreme Court declared existing death penalty statutes unconstitutional in 1972, according to the 2015 annual Gallup Poll on the death penalty. Gallup reports that 61% of Americans […]

Evangelicals change 40-year pro-death penalty position

The National Association of Evangelicals (NAE) has a new position on the death penalty. The resolution, passed by the Board of Directors, outlines serious concerns with the death penalty and acknowledges growing opposition and differing views on the issue among Evangelicals. The resolution represents a significant shift for the organization, which had a position in […]

BREAKING NEWS: Montana in Moratorium!

Montana’s Death Penalty in Moratorium State Judge Rules Montana’s Lethal Injection Protocol is Unlawful. In a victory for justice, District Court Judge Jeffrey Sherlock ruled today that Montana’s use of the drug pentobarbital in execution doesn’t comply with the statute that governs lethal injection in Montana. All Montana executions are stayed indefinitely, which means that […]