David Gushee: “The Death Penalty System is Broken”

David Gushee is an evangelical leader, columnist for faith, and professor of Christian ethics who has considered the death penalty from a practical and religious standpoint for years. read more Source: Equal Justice USA

More Push Back on Capital Punishment; Supreme Court Rules Against Florida

Yesterday the Supreme Court dealt yet another blow to the death penalty in the United States when it held that Florida’s death penalty statute, which had been interpreted to permit some people with intellectual disabilities to be executed, violates “ our Nation’s commitment to dignity and its duty to teach human decency as the mark […]

Why Tomorrow’s Conservatives Will Reject The Death Penalty

Mark Strauss of io9, a blog launched by Gawker media that focuses on futurism, predicted that conservatives of the future will reject the use of capital punishment. Strauss points to Conservatives Concerned about the Death Penalty’s work and growth as evidence for this claim as well as falling national support for the death penalty. Strauss […]

Conservatives Speaking Out Against the Death Penalty

The botched execution of Clayton Lockett cast the national spotlight on the current death penalty system. Lockett was given a combination of untested execution drugs, which were acquired through a secret source. He failed to die after 10 minutes of receiving the drugs. The execution was stayed, and he died of a heart attack 45 […]

55% Americans Support the Death Penalty. I Used to Be One of Them.

Image of death row exoneree Curtis McCarty via DeathPenaltyPhoto.org I was in diapers when George H.W. Bush used Michael Dukakis’ opposition to the death penalty as a cudgel in a campaign commercial. Since then, according to a 2013 Pew survey, support for the death penalty has been “gradually ticking downward” to 55 percent of American […]

Delaware Supreme Court Unanimous Reversal of Conviction and Death Sentence of Jermaine Wright

Guest Post from Delaware Repeal Project On Monday, May 19th, in a 5-0 unanimous ruling, the Delaware Supreme Court overturned the conviction of death row prisoner Jermaine Wright, citing a “miscarriage of justice.” After 21 years, Mr. Wright was the longest serving inmate on Delaware’s death row. With no physical evidence linking him to the […]

Supporter Spotlight: Norman Reimer

Why I Serve on the Board of Directors of the National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty? “I support NCADP because of the important work the organization does to mobilize against capital punishment. NCADP is moving the country toward an end to capital punishment, and I want to be a part of making this happen.” […]

Recommended link: The conservative case against the death penalty

In a recent article on conservative support for de read more Source: Equal Justice USA

Recommended link: The conservative case against the death penalty

In a recent article on conservative support for de read more Source: Equal Justice USA

Guest Post: Humanist Approach to the Capital Punishment

The death penalty is being kept in the national spotlight because of its inherent failures and barbarism. This is emphasized by such stories as the one about Tennessee bringing back the electric chair now that there is a chronic shortage of the execution drugs, as well as the one about the a botched execution using […]