Down with Death Penalty

By JOEL HARRIS – The Billings Outpost Abolition Coalition holds summit here “We sentence you to die and God have mercy on your soul.” These were the words a judge delivered to Sabrina Butler-Porter from a Mississippi bench in March 1990 and the words that Butler-Porter recounted in her talk at the Montana Abolition Coalition’s Annual Summit […]

Victim’s son speaks out against death penalty

Via the Great Falls Tribune: Most people will never have to confront the death penalty head on. Unless an individual, their family member or friend is accused of committing a capital offense — or is the victim of one — the legal, social and ethical arguments for and against the death penalty remain abstract. Today, […]

Murder victim’s son works against death penalty

Renny Cushing is what some might call a conundrum: the son of a murder victim who opposes the death penalty. The New Hampshire man held that stance on capital punishment before his father was shot to death in 1988. He didn’t alter it afterward. “If I changed my position on the death penalty, it would […]