Death penalty broken; needs to be taken off the books

Via the Missoulian: Last month the Montana Senate voted to repeal the death penalty. As a conservative, I celebrated the vote as a reflection of our values to be efficient and judicious with taxpayer dollars and to rid our government of programs that don’t work. As a pro-life advocate, I celebrated the vote as demonstration […]

Coalition strives to end death penalty in Montana

Via the The Montana Catholic: By Eric Connolly To paraphrase David Kaczynski, part of the tragedy surrounding the death penalty is us. The tragedy is that we still think killing people is the answer, said Kaczynski, brother of Ted Kaczynski. Known as the Unabomber and arrested in 1996 in Montana, Ted Kaczynski mailed bombs that […]

Emotional crowd testifies on SB185

Via the Helena IR: A senate bill that would abolish the state death penalty has made its way to the House Judiciary Committee, where it prompted four hours of occasionally emotional testimony and discussion Tuesday morning. Attorneys, religious leaders, victims’ families, a former Florida prison warden, a man exonerated of a murder he didn’t commit […]

Time to junk broken system

Via the Helena IR: We have the opportunity to get rid of a failure. An unjust, expensive, broken system. Can we do it? Can we get rid of the death penalty in Montana — a justice system that isn’t just, that doesn’t accomplish what it’s supposed to, and that ultimately steals resources from other worthy […]

Faith leaders call for clemency

Via the Missoula Independent: Rev. John Lund, director of Emmaus Campus Ministry, says the death penalty in Montana adheres to “the myth of redemptive violence” — the notion that violence can prevent violence. “In a sense what we’re doing is perpetuating violence by using violence as a deterrent,” say Lund, a member of the Montana […]

Families of homicide victims call for end of the death penalty

Family members share why the death penalty is harmful, ask legislature to abolish it. WHO: Murder victims’ family members from across Montana with David Kaczynski, brother of Ted Kaczynski, the Unabomber. WHAT: Family members will speak in the Capitol Rotunda during the Montana Abolition Coalition Annual Conference. The group will share memories of their loved […]

Diverse gathering of faith leaders calls for the end of Montana’s death penalty

Religious leaders ask Montana legislators to support Senate Bill 185 March 2, 2011 HELENA – Religious leaders gathered today released a letter urging the members of the Montana legislature to support Senate Bill 185, a bill to replace the death penalty with a sentence of life without parole. Under the proposed measure, a prisoner would […]