10 years…Today marks a decade without an execution in Montana

On August 11th 2006, Montana held an execution. Since then, executions have been on hold pending inmate appeals and lethal injection litigation. But as we look back at the last ten years of an execution-free Montana, what do we see? Ten years later, what has happened in the fight to end the death penalty?
  • The Montana Abolition Coalition’s supporters list has grown to almost 4,000 individuals.
  • Our state legislature has seen a bill to replace the death penalty with life without parole every session.
    Family members of murder victims speak out

    Bill hearings turn out murder victims’ family members,attorneys, former wardens, former prosecutors, exonorees, assistant Attorney Generals, lawmakers, and a former Montana Supreme Court Justice. All of them come to ask the legislature to support abolition.

  • 220 Faith leaders from across the state and from a broad range of denominationsand faith traditions, including Roman Catholic, Episcopalian, Evangelical Lutheran Church of America, United Methodist, Assemblies of God, American Baptist, United Church of Christ, Presbyterian Church (USA), Judaism, Hinduism, Evangelical Covenant Church, Society of Friends, Disciples of Christ, Christian Reformed Church, and Unitarian Universalist joined together to call for repeal of the death penalty.
  • Abolition efforts in the legislature have become truly bipartisan – with Republican and Democratic co-sponsors on the Bill every session.
  • 6 state legislatures have repealed the death penalty: New Jersey, New Mexico, Illinois, Connecticut, Maryland, and Nebraska.
  • Nationally, 35 people that were sentenced to death were found to be innocent.
  • Cost studies in Washington, Maryland, Colorado, California, and a number of other states found that cases without the death penalty cost an average of $740,000, while cases where the death penalty is sought cost at least $1.26 million.
A lot has changed but the one thing that hasn’t is our commitment to repealing the death penalty in Montana.  We have made tremendous progress but there is workyet to do. 
In 2017, the Montana State Legislature will again vote on a bill to repeal the death penalty and replace it with life without possibility of parole. We are working hard and strategically toward our victory but we need YOUR support
Ten years ago, Montana held an execution. Will you help make it our last? 
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